Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Take On DWTS Season 13 Week 1

Week one has come and gone and so has "Metta World Peace" formerly known as Ron Artest & his ever so gorgeous dancing partner Peta. I can see why Ron had a hard time keeping her dance moves straight with her. She is a bombshell beauty!! I was pretty sure that it would be Ron and Peta,or Val & Elisabetta leaving the competition on week 1, as they both has low scores, and just seem not to have the rhythm needed to dance.

I'm hoping to see some better dancing from these two in the weeks to come. We all know that there is a heck of alot of talent between Max & Val, so I'm hoping Val can forget the beauty long enough to teach her how to dance. To me, she just didn't seen to have any rhythm or musicality at all. It looked like she was lost most of the time. Better weeks to come I hope for the two of them!!!

I couldn't wait until the former prosecutor made it out on the floor with her dance partner Tristen. We all know how tough she can be, so I was eager to see her loosen up a bit and put it out there for millions of viewers to see. Her best fans were her husband and twins routing her on. I think it was a first tough week for her, but since she was saved by all of her fans,I'm hoping that she will come out pretty strong next week. She still needs to loosen up and smile !~
Lastly I have to give mad props to my boy Tony Dovolani & his beautiful partner Chynna Phillips. I have been a huge Tony fan for many seasons, and have watched him come so darn close only to be sent home. He has been on DWTS each and every season,so I really want to see him snag that Mirror Ball this season.I couldn't have been any prouder of the way they danced their first dance. What an elegant dance it was. Chynna looked like a pro. They amazingly ended up with a 22 , which put them on top of the leaderbord with Karina & JR Martinez. I hope to see bigger and better things from them each week. Tony & Chynna will surely have my vote each week.

I'm also routing for Cheryl & Rob K. this season. I think they danced pretty well for their first time out, considering Rob is the shy, mommas boy, and now dancing in front of 20+ million viewers. I really think that the outburst from his sister Khloe was very uncalled for and not needed one bit. Did she forget that she wasn't on her reality show for a moment? I pray to god that we don't have to hear or see that each week! Common Rob,bring them moves to the dance floor, and show us what our momma gave you. Cheryl is longing for Mirror Ball # 3, and I know you have it in you Rob, so let's see some magic. I plan on seeing you  with in the finale Rob and Cheryl, and of course Tony & Chynna, maybe Lacey & Chaz too! That Chaz Bono is one determined person!!

Lastly I will say that this season seems to be a bit boring for me. I was looking so much forward to it, but I'm feeling a bit bored so far. I'm hoping that this changes week after week. Am I the only one feeling this way? I say they get the whole All My Children crew on and dance since they are out of a job!! Now that would be neat and they are all celebrities!! What do you think about that?I hope DWTS doesn't disappoint this season. We will have to wait and see. Check back each week for my update!!! Thanks for stopping by!!



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