Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 11, 2011- 10 Years Later-Gone But Not Forgoten

I remember the day as clear as can be, that is September 11, 2001. I remember exactly what I was doing at the moment, and what I ha just witnesses. Our nation was in terror. NYC win Towers had both just been attacked, and shortly after a third plane would attack the Pentagon In Washington. What was happening to our country, and what Had I just witnessed? On this brisk morning, I'm thinking it was on a Tuesday, I was at breakfast with my mom and sister. We were at our local bowling alley sitting right in front of the TV's. With what we just witnessed and what was to come, My body was numb and I was speechless. I wasn't working that day, so I raced over to my sons school to inform them what had just happened. Well before you knew it the phones were ringing off the wall, and parents were showing up in dozens to remove their kids from school. They wanted them to be with them safe. Whatever we said to them on the phone didn't matter. They thought the school could be next. It was frightening and plain old terrible. The TV's were not on so the kids didn't get to see it,but before long they were catching on, as everyone was acting strange.
This is what took place at 8:46 a.m & 9:13 a.m. that fateful morning on September 11, 2001. NYC  Twin Towers were attacked right in front of my eyes. The feelings of horror that I had, the depression that kicked in, the nightmares I had of those people who weren't lucky enough to make it out as the building burned like an inferno, and eventually crumbled into one big pile of rumble. Some jumped out of windows to their deaths. I don't think I would have stuck around to burn to death. They were brave souls let me tell you.What became of the city when the buildings crumbled, was unbelievable. People were scurrying anywhere to be safe. They were running from the smoke hat was chasing right their way. Look at the photo below to see what I mean.

The first fighters and first responders carry this man to safety. Look at the smoke and white smog everywhere. I can't imagine what that was doing to their lungs. They were happy to be alive. The police, fire fighters, and all of the brave souls that perished on that fateful day will be remembered always for their bravery! The heroes that took over Flight 93 to try to stop it from hitting the Pentagon all lost their lives being brave. The chillen phone calls from men calling home to their wives telling them they wouldn't be coming home, and that they loved them, the messages left on voice machines for loved ones. Let us not forget the brave men who had children on the way, when he lost their lives. I saw a Barbara Walters television special about all of the 9/11 kids now ad then. What they had grown into was nothing less than amazing individuals. The single moms who raised their families without their husbands. I could go on and on talking about such a terrible tragedy that the world faced on the fateful day on September 11, 2001.

All  know is that I'm happy to see the county has started to rebuild, their our plaques with each person who perished name on it, and the country has reached out to help these individuals who lost so much. As President George Bush did say "Yes, we will get though this", and he was right about that! SO here on this Sunday, September 11, 2011, ten years after that fateful day, we as a nation, pull together to remember the thousands who lost their lives on that crazy day, what they gave for us, their freedom for ours. You will always be n my heart along with all of the families affected by this. So at 8:46 a.m this morning and 9:13 a.m., I will take a moment and remember each and every one of you and how you sacrificed your life for others. Thank you all for your bravery, and heroism! I  will never forget it.


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