Monday, September 19, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Returns

Dancing With The Stars returns tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. EST, and guess who is thrilled beyond words??? That would be me!! Dancing With The Stars is by all time my favorite show ever!! Since the end of last season I swear I just have not been the same at all, and come each Monday & Tuesday evenings I'm bored out of my mind with DWTS. After all who wants to watch a bunch  of vindictive people on reality shows like The Bachelor Pad and The Bachelor & The Bachelorette. I don't know about you but I'm so sick of seeing ABC taping people at their breaking points. Look at Micheal & Holly and the Blake stunt on The Bachelor Pad  when they crowned the winner. That was despicable of them to play that all out!! With DWTS it surely won't be like that.

So who will you be routing for this season? I'm surely going to be voting for my all time favorite Tony Dovolani & Chynna Phillips. I pray to god that he can win this season. He has come so close to get eliminated in the finale. Another one I will be watching is Tristan & Nancy Grace and Cheryl Burke & Rob Kardashian. I like Rob & Nancy as celebrities,so I'm hoping that they can bring it this season. Let's see if Rob really isn't that mommas boy, and see how Cheryl can whip him in shape. I hope she does!! Cheryl is a two time champ, and I'm sure she wants too catch up to Derek Hough, a three time champ. Also Nancy Grace is the queen in the court room, and phenomenal if I must say, so I'm hoping she can bring all she has to the dance floor.Only 8 hours and counting until it all begins!! Yee hah!! I will also be watching how the personalities play out, and if I see any of that attitude Kendra Wilkinson displayed, I might just be voting for someone else. Here's to a good season on DWTS, and a injury free one too. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Stay tuned each week as I will be blogging about the season from time to time!! I adore my followers, so Thanks!!

Until next time,


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