Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Thoughts On DWTS Week 2 Elimination

Another week has passed, and  so have plenty of fantastic dance moves for this seasons All Stars. Have you watched the first two weeks? I really was looking forward to this season starting and was excited about the line up, that is until I found out about the Palin chick coming back. Anyone that has read my blog before, knows that I'm not a fan of anyone of the Palin's, especially "Miss Snotty Pants" herself . I can't understand to this day why she was asked to return to DWTS especially after all the mess she stirred up on her season. I couldn't believe the talented dancers were sent home, and Bristol had made it into the finals. What the hell were the "Tea Parties, or Coco Parties", as Joey Fatone referred to today on The View thinking? The answer is they weren't! Plain and simple!

As I said before, I'm routing for Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani all the way. Their Jive this week was unbelievable. They danced perfect, Melissa did not miss one single step, and the audience was very pleased. For week 2, I was very proud of how well Melissa danced. They received 8's & 7.5, which I thought should have been higher because of the content and the exquisite lines from Melissa  & Tony, but apparently the judges didn't think so. Tony couldn't have asked for a better partner She's back to claim the Mirror Ball Trophy, and she is dancing for her daughter Ava Grace. I so desperately would love to see them win. The competition was tough this week, as any of the couples danced well. Heck Kirstie Alley at age 60, can dance better than the Palin chick with her eyes closed.
I was so happy when Louis Van Amstel & Sabrina Byran danced. I didn't see her dance back
when she was paired up with Mark Ballas. I remember seeing her be sent home on elimination night though, and I can remember how the audience reacted, and the viewers. While I was very sad to not see Kyle Massey slip into his dance shoes again this season, I'm very pleased watching Sabrina, as that girl has some talent. She did great on week 1, and also received the first 9's for their Quick Step from Carrie Ann & Bruno. What a great partner she has with Louis. He has yet to win, and of course I would like to see that happen. I met him this year at a  Meet & Greet, and he was so darn friendly. I hope Melissa is practicing as much as she can because not only is Sabrina on fire, so is Helio & Chelsea, Karina & Apollo, Gilles & Peta and Cheryl & Emitt. Kirstie Alley and Maksim are doing terrific also. Kirstie needs to focus on her dancing, and not what everyone else is doing. She is a talented dancer, an has the hottest parter ever. They have great chemistry also.
I couldn't believe how beautifully gorgeous Kelly Monaco looked paired with her hot parter Val Chmervikoski. What a wonderful couple they are together. Kelly is a former mirror ball champ from season 1, so she knows what it's like to win, and she is a go getter, and wants to claim trophy #2. She is another one who comes out week 2 with a very solid performance. The chemistry between them both is very clear. The judges are always praising her about her dance moves. My feelings so far are Kelly & Val, Cheryl & Emitt, Sabrina & Louis, and of course my favorites Tony & Melissa, will be in the finale, atleast that is what I'm hoping for.

On for the bad news, I can't express how upset I am with ABC/DWTS to bring back the Palin chick. She clearly does not belong in this competition and shame on you for allowing this to happen. Joey Fatone is a great guy & a great dancer, plus he made the show fun to watch, but him and Kym did NOT deserve to go home this soon. I prepared myself for the elimination, as I, 100% knew that Palin could not be going home,thanks to her mommy and her supporters. Had her mother not been involved in politics,and didn't stand out in public, this would not be happening, but we all know how politics are. They are nasty, dirty, cross the line, and sometimes a war with words, which the Palin family knows nothing better thanks to her failure as a Governor mother Sarah. My heart aches for Joey & Kym,but after seeing them today on The View, and how beautifully they danced, they do know that this stuff happens in competitions , whether it's honest or dishonest!  In case ABC doesn't understand how the viewers feel, then maybe they should check out the comments on Yahoo, and or DWTS Elimination. I read hundreds of them, and people were alot more voiced about their opinions, and held nothing back.

Seeing that next week will be the elimination that will send two people home, I will keep my fingers crossed for that snot faced daughter to be sent home. If this doesn't happen I just might blow a fuse. I love watching DWTS, and have always, but when it comes to rating stunts like this, I have no patience for this at all. A 2 time mirror ball champ was sent home on week 2  with the ever most handsome partner Joey Fatone. This is a dancing competition, not about politics,so let's make it this way. The judges need to be fair to all contestants involved, and none of the sarcastic comments from Len, Carrie Ann or Bruno should be tolerated at all. Be happy that the dancers took the times out of their busy schedule to dance, instead of bashing them for small flaws, then when Bristol finishes dancing, and barely moves her legs, of course with the most guidance from her partner Mark Ballas, she seems to be getting awesome comments from the judges. That sounds fair right?? Did you see this past week after Joey & Kym were announced to go home, and were being consoled by all of the cast members, except Bristol & Mark. The two of them stood far away, and didn't go near them. Now that is a classy thing to do isn't it? Mark even knows his partner sucks! I hope to be back blogging next week after the elimination, but I really can't tell you how I will feel about it. We will have to wait and see. I know that if the Palin check doesn't get eliminated, and mirror ball champs do, then I will have a huge problem with it . I'm seriously thinking of writing a very long letter from a follower, expressing how I feel about the foolishness, and how terribly they will be hurting themselves in the long run. I have spoken to many of people who have already stopped watching DWTS & plan on doing so in the future. If this does NOT wake up ABC, then I don't know what will. I would pray to god that they listen to their followers, but that doesn't seem to be so, so far.

Who are you routing for in this competition? Are you routing for more than one couple, and who do you think is the most improved ? I'm a huge Melissa & Tony supporter, but there is room in the in the finale for Sabrina & Louis ,and Emitt & Cheryl Thanks for stopping by and listening to me rant. It sometimes helps when I get his off my chest, and my followers let me know ow they are feeling.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you.



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