Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm Not Tired Yet Book Review

When I saw the review opportunity for "I'm Not Tired Yet", I knew I had to sign up for it. This book is written  and illustrated by the great  Marianne Richmond. Being a parent to a younger child I'm sure we have all ran into this situation time and time again. I know when my son was younger, I had a tough time getting him to sleep and having him stay asleep. " I'm Not Tired Yet", is about a boy named Ralphie, who is six years old, and has a problem  going to sleep when it's bedtime , and in this story his mom Mrs. Mix listens  to  Ralphie's excuses about going to sleep at night. She plays along with him and tries to make it easy for him to get asleep but Ralphie doesn't seem to want to make it easy in the beginning.

What I loved about "I'm Not Tired Yet" is  it is a hard covered book, the  illustrations are simply amazing and colorful too , and the text is the perfect is the perfect size for your young child to read.   I was simply amazed at how colorful this book was. Trying to keep a child's attention is at times a bit tough, and with bright colorful illustrations, I'm sure this amazing story had grabbed Ralphie's attention along with his mom's jokes, and trying to get him to settle down and finally go to sleep.What I thought was hilarious was at the end of the story when Ralphie told his mom that he had got a pink slip on the bus and that the Principal said that they had issues to discuss, Mrs, Mix did not laugh when Ralphie told her that.

I shared this book with my niece who comes over from time to time and has issues going to sleep. She does not like going to bed, and wants someone to sleep with her. I read her the story about Ralphie, and how he had some trouble going to bed at night, and my niece loved the story, especially when I got to the part about Ralphie getting in trouble on the bus. She laughed so hard, and finally after asking me many questions about Ralphie, and his mom, she was getting tired herself Thanks to Marianne Richmond for writing such an amazing and lovely story for young kids and bedtime. I will definitely read this book many mores times when my niece comes to visit.

This book  is simply amazing, and it catches your eye. It can be purchase at I'm Not Tired for $16.99 . Thanks to Family Review Network for giving me the opportunity to read such an amazing story .I was not compensated monetarily for my review. This book was provided to me for review. These are my opinions and mine only. Please refer to my Disclosure policy on the bottom right hand side of my blog. Thanks for stopping by!! I will definitely refer this awesome book to my family and friends who have young children.

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