Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cat's Are Amazing...

I just came across this darling cat a few weeks ago, And I felt I had to show it.The cat pictured above crosses his eyes, and sticks her tongue out. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have cats I have two cats, a Siamese named Erica & and a tiger cat named Pretzel. How many cat's do you have and what did you name theme? Here is a picture of my baby Erica who weighs close to 20 lbs, and she is around 6. Check out the way that Erica naps and keeps her paws up and bent. How cool is that???
Pretzel is about 12 years old now, and doesn't like to be touched. Anytime I come home from the grocery store, she is always in my business. If there is a box, she is in it. If there is a bag, then she would find her way inside the back. My cats always love when I go to the store, and come home with goodies for them. They are the biggest part of my life besides my family, actually they are my family. They do everything I do, and I also bring them to the doctors. I would love to have more cats someday, but now is not the right time.

Do you let your cat go outside for the day, or do you have an indoor cat like me. I'm always scared when I see a cat trying to cross the street. I have a neighbor who has 15 or more cats, and she keeps them outside all year around. Now that is not nice to me, To keep a cat out all year long is just wrong. They love the warmth and their vittles, and some TLC from their owner. Thanks for stopping by and checking my cats out. If you have any pets at home I would love to hear about it. What work's best with you and your cats?? I have been thinking about getting a leash to walk the cat's. Do you think this will be a good idea??

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