Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'll Skip That Wedding Thanks..

Ever since I heard this on the news this morning, I have been like Really Kim? What the hell are you thinking? When I heard Whoopi Goldberg announce this on The View this morning, I about choked. Apparently Kris & Kim have set up a wedding registry for their guests at Gearys. Some of the items on the list range from $175 for a mustard jar , going up to $8,000.00 for an ash tray, and lets not forget the crystal vase for $7,850.00. They also are asking for a 24 five piece  silverware set, each costing $1,600. That is almost $40,000 if I'm adding correctly.

I can't even imagine expecting a gift of that value from anyone. Does this mean if you live in LA, and are worth millions, that your guests better dig deep for their wedding gift?? I think that this sounds ridiculously foolish. If they want to buy it, than they could. They have the money too. I don't know how much Kris is worth , but the last time I checked Kim was worth $45+ million or so. Sounds like they could afford it right? With someone making this kind of money, and as picky as I'm sure she is, from seeing the reality shows,I think that they should ask for donations, and give them to a charity of their choice. That is what alot of famous actors do. In this world today, it is good to give to those who are alot less fortunate than yourself. This is making the news, so it's even driving me more nutty.

Holy taledo!! How tall is this dude? He has to be about almosy 7 feet tall. i can't imagine having to reach up for a kiss, or him having to bend over each time. Their going to end up with back and neck problems. Kim better get some 6 inch heels somewhere. I don't know jack about this guy, but for some reason he seems a bit strange to me. I look at him, and just get a creepy feeling. He was on the premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardaschian's last Sunday night. It showed a clip of them both out dining somewhere, and just about as Km was to smooch him, he belted out a loud burp!! Nice going Kris! Way to show some class, especially on national public television. I have no clue what she see's in him, as she surely don't need his money, but I wish them well and much happiness in their future. Hopefully Kris can show a bit of class on TV the next time. maybe he should hang around Lamar, Khloe's husband. I just love Khloe & Lamar. They are real down to earth people, who are hard working.

Do you have a favorite Kardaschian, and if so, who is it?? Do you normally watch Keeping Up With The Kardaschian's on Sunday evening? How about Khloe & Lamar's new reality show on E?? I like that show. It's all about their everyday lives, and it's real. Khloe is a straight shooter just like me. I pray to go that the two youngest kids remain kids as long as possible, and don't step into the spotlight like the rest of the Kardaschian clan. That's all for now. I had to get this off my mind, so Thanks for listening to me. I guess if you have a $1million dollar engagement ring, you just have to have the right silverware, or ash tray to match it right?? HA!! What a big laugh!!

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