Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Don't Know What To Watch Now...

Now that all my shows that I watch have come to an end I'm lost. I have been a huge fan of DWTS. American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice for years now. In my house on those nights I tell people, "Don't Call Me", as I won't answer my phone. What do you think of these reality shows?? DWTS is my all time favorite show. This was a great season this year with all the contestants, and having Kirtie Alley on the show was a real treat to watch. I applaud her for putting her everything into dancing,and proving to America, that you can do anything that you set your mind to. I'm glad that Hines & Kym Johnson won. That Hines was a pro from start to finish. He came out every week with that gracious smile of his, and gave it his all. He took constructive criticism from the judges, and learned from it. Having his mm sit and watch him each week was awesome. The night he danced and dedicated it to his mother was tear jerking for me. Kudos to all of the dancers that made it to the finale. You all worked you but off for it.

Celebrity Apprentice was a bit rocky this season for me. With all the fighting between Nene & Star Jones going on, and with Mr Trump firing David Cassidy the first week, and then bringing back Latoya Jackson after he fired it?? I had never seen such foolishness before on this show. What the hell was Mr. Trump thinking? He is all about the ratings, and believe you me,when they are having cat fights, and name calling, his ratings go sky high. I liked John Rich and Marlee Matlin in the finale,even though I wanted to see Meatloaf and John battle it out. They both worked their butts off, and raise more money than ever for their charities, so kudos to them both. In the end it was John Rich who won, and he deserved the win so much. He had his eye on the prize from the get go, and he was a neutral team player. He didn't get into all the drama. Remember when Meatloaf and Gary Buse almost duked it out?? John Rich jumped in and handled it very appropriately. Well done Mr. Rich!! You are a great team player!! Conrats to you , and well done on all the money you raised for St. Judes Hospital!

On to American Idol, another one of my favorites. It got down to country boy Scotty and country girl Lauren in the finale, and they both deserved to be there, even though some of the great singers like Pia and James went home way too early in the competition. Common people, what the hell was America thinking?? You need to vote if you want your idol to stay around. I was on the Lauren Alaina to win team, but in the end it was Scotty. I kind of figured that would happen, considering he had never received any negative criticism from the judges. You can kind of tell from the get go what will happen. It's the same stuff each season. It's called favoritism!!!! I know that Lauren will go far in her career. To be 16, and such a beautiful talented young lady. She just gave me the chills, and especially with her last song she sung to her mom. It was simply tear jerking. I think Lauren will sell more records than Scotty in the long run. He was an amazing performer for being what 16 years old himself?? In the end, i wish them both the best of luck with their careers. Stay strong and keep your family values at heart. I can tell they both come from such loving wonderful families.

Well, now that all my shows have come to an end, I feel lost. What should I be watching on TV now? Does anyone have any great shows to watch? I did see The Voice last night, and that seemed pretty good, and then there's The Bachelorette on Monday nights, but I don't really care for the Bachelorette this year. Ashely Hebert is the new Bachelorette, and she just is too whiny of a gal for me. Thanks for stopping by. If you have a favorite show that you like let me know about it. I need a new one to watch. Also check out my giveaways going on that are listed on the left hand side.




Terra H. said...

I watched Celebrity Apprentice faithfully. I found it to be amusing that even stars can act like spoiled brats. Glad to see that John Rich won. A new show that me and the husband are now watching is called Deception with Keith Barry on the Discovery Channel. He's a mentalist who wows people with his tricks. Very good show.

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