Monday, November 1, 2010

DWTS Week 6 Update

After what happened last week on DWTS, I have just about given up on the show. Tony , who has been on the show each and every season, who is a master on the dance floor, should have not been eliminated with his partner Audrina! I'm appalled at this for happening, and can't imagine what the voters were thinking. Audrina came to the contest with NO, and I repeat NO dance experience at all, She started off strong right from the get go, and was improving each week. The judges, even though a bit harsh at them, were stunned by their elimination.

Bristol Palin should have gone home after the 1st week. She doesn't have the rhythm for dancing. She is stiff, and always forgets her steps. Last week was her best by far, but not enough to keep her safe and send home a seasoned dancer like Tony & Audrina. I haven't been able to talk about it much since last week. I put a few comments on FB, then didn't talk about it, because I'm still upset they went home. Tony had a humongous following, and I'm sure his partner did too. The look on his face showed you how he felt when they called their names. I honestly believe that ABC is just trying to improve their ratings by keeping Bristol on the show. After all we might get to catch Sara Palin in the audience if we are lucky enough. I just watched the first team dance, and my thoughts are still the same. Bristol needs to go. She couldn't keep up with anyone in that dance. She looked like a fool.

I don't know that I will be voting tonight,as I have been voting my heart out along with many of friends, and Tony's fans, and it didn't seem to work. I can't explain how someone that sucked at dancing is still in the competition. I hope Audrina knows how great of a dancer she was, and the show got it wrong!! I will always be a Tony fan for life. I hope Maxx & Brandy and Anna & Kurt make it into the finals, I'm sure with Derek and Jennifer. That's all for now!!



Kristina P. said...

I haven't watched it since the Hoff was voted off. It was a sad day for America.

Kelly said...

Your right Kristina!! The show is not what it used to be!!

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