Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank God I Love Baseball !!!

Well, I finally have a day off from baseball games.. Hooray !! I have been very busy lately running all around to baseball games with my son. He has won the last four games straight!! Friday was a double header, and it was a tough day to sit out in the heat because it was in the 90's, but I did made it with plenty of drinks ! My sons name was in the paper the next day due to his knocking the ball almost out of the park. It's so exciting to see your kid play and play well!! Now we have a few days off, and next week will be competing in the tournaments since his team finished so well, but that means we will have to travel quite the distance. Oh well, it comes with the sport. As long as my kid is having fun and not hanging on the streets getting into mischief, I shouldn't complain. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday, and do something nice for yourself today, as you deserve it!! I'm heading for an ice cream in a bit!!




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