Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UGlee Pen Review

I was thrilled to receive my very own UGlee Pen in the mail from Dr. James Lee. I had seen this pen around on other websites and I said to myself that I have to have one of these. When I received the pen in the mail, I immediately took it out of the package, and my first thought was that it wasn't the nicest looking pen in the world, but when you all you care about is comfort when your writing, especially if you write alot like me, then this would be the pen for you!

This pen is light weight weighing 11 gms which is less than one ounce. The UGlee Pen is the worlds most comfy ergonomic pen. When I picked it up and started to write with it, I couldn't believe how smooth it wrote. It has a smooth grip gel so it was easy to hold onto to and it fit right in the hand perfectly. The UGlee pen is designed to fit between your bony prominences and that it does. It felt as if i wasn't even holding a pen. What I really liked about the UGlee Pen was it has very smooth ink and has a roller ball in it, so it rolls as you write which I loved. I have never used a pen like this before, so I was really happy when I did. When I'm writing something, I have the habit of stopping in the middle because of hand cramps, numb fingers, and a dented finger, but with the UGlee Pen this didn't happen to me.

The UGlee Pen was designed by Dr. James Lee over eight years ago. While in medical school, Dr. Lee spent hours upon hours writing only to to end up with sore and cramped hands. After years of doing so, he decided that he would design a pen himself. He studied the structure of his own hand and xrayed it and saw how the muscles worked, and finally came up with his own designed pen called the UGlee Pen. As a proffesional myself, this pen is good for anyone that does alot of writing such as nurses, doctors, teachers, administrators and any type of office worker.

The UGlee Pen comes in seven different colors- red, green, pink, yellow, blue, white & gray and is sold online @ The price for a set of three pens is $19.95 plus $3.95 for s&h. Ink refills are $15.00 plus $2.95 s&h. If your excited about the UGlee Pen, then get yourself one today. I promise you won't be unhappy with it one bit! Dr. Lee offers refunds to customers who aren't happy with his pen.

Thank you to Dr. Lee for giving me this opportunity to review a top notch product in my eyes. I haven't stopped talking about your pens and I will continue to tell all of my friends about them too.

I recieved pens for my time writing this review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are based on my own personal experiences.

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