Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tony and Melissa Win DWTS All Stars Season 15

Can you believe that another season of DWTS has come and gone already?? This season has sure flown by fast with injuries, some of the top contenders exiting the show way too early like Joey Fatone, Helio Castronoves and Sabrina Bryan just to name a few.  I apologize about not keeping up with my weekly run downs about the show. Between not having power for several days, taking care of loved ones, and just everyday life, things have kept me busy and tired !! Let's not forget Christmas that is sneaking right up on us too.

So what did you think of the finals this season with Sabrina, Kelly and Melissa? I predicted this would be the finals way back on night one. I thought maybe Karina would possibly slide into one of the top three, but Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovisky sure had the fans behind them which got them there. This was Val's second season on DWTS, and he is just pure joy to watch He is a perfectionist just like his brother Maksim. The chemistry this season between them was crazy. Everyone in the world knew they were hooking up, even though they wold not admit it to the public.I liked every single of of their dances, with the Contemporary andArgentine Tango being my favorite. They were hot hot hot on the dance floor. I do think that the judges were a bit tough on them though. You sure can tell when they have their favorites, and that they did.

.For not ever dancing to this style of dance, they sure came out and killed it. I felt bad for Kelly, having to expose pretty much her whole body on national television, but she killed that dance!The photo to the right of Derek and Shawn was one of my favorites of theirs, besides their Freestyle, an every one of their dances. Derek Hough is the best of the best with choreography! He has proven this time an time again. My heart broke for him when he got hurt this season, but Shawn's old partner Mark Ballas stepped in, and they ended up scoring a perfect 30! They were beyond happy. I'll tell you, I was a bit scared in the finale between Melissa, and Shawn I knew that she had already won, and wanted this bad.
Finally, the moment that I have waited 14 seasons for . I have been a huge Tony Dovolani fan since season 1, and he has got close to winning , but never won. Then he had seasons where he was paired up with people that couldn't move their feet, or if they did, they were in the wrong direction. Tony had been paired up with Melissa on Season 8, right when she had come off The Bachelor. She only had two days to practice back then, and she was not confident with herself at all. This season she came prepared, very confident, and she gave it her all. Watching that girl dance each week was crazy. Her moves, her lines, extensions were flawless. She had become a very confident person. I knew long ago that this year would be Tony's to win, and I believed in him right from the get go. They were in the bottom two once, and I wasn't that scared, as I knew this season was his. I called people, Talked on twitter and FB, begging my friends to vote for Tony, and Melissa. I did everything possible to get them votes. When they were announced the champs of the All Stars, I think I teared up. I was so happy for the both of them. Watching the joy on Tony's face was a moment I will never forget. Melissa thought she would never make it past week 4 with all the tough competition. How does it feel being a champ Melissa? You did it! You worked hard, gave it your all, and you succeeded girl, so bravo to you! Keep going strong! Your a beautiful and delightful gal, with a bright future. Eat your heart out Mesnick!!! See how much further you get in life when your a nice person!!

Congratulations to Melissa Rycroft Strickland and Tony Dovolani for becoming the All Stars Champs! Enjoy your victory, and hold that trophy close to your heart. You worked hard, and you achieved victory! I was thrilled that this happened on Tony's 13th Anniversary. His beautiful wife must have been over the moon with joy. I hope Tony and his family are having fun in Disney World!! Now I have to figure out what to watch until March 18th, 2013. I hear that there will be an All Star Celebrity Apprentice coming soon, so I probably will be watching that. Donald Trump is a genius coming up with ideas that belong to others. That man drives me nuts!! He never stops!! Thanks to all of you who stopped by to visit. I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season, and a healthy, wealthy and awesome New Year!! God Bless you and yours!

Happy Holidays,


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