Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ice T & Coco at MGM Poolside

Do you know Ice T & Co Co? Ice is the former rapper , and appears on the show Law And Order SUV as a detective. Everybody knows Ice T right? Well, I went to see him today with a friend at an event at a local pool. It was almost 100 degrees, humid and very difficult to breathe, but I had to wait in the line if I wanted to see him and Coco.

It was a bit tough to get close to them as there were hundreds and hundreds of people, and not much room to get by. They spoke over the microphone, and took many pics with fans in the swimming pool. They really seemed liked cool down to earth people, and were so friendly. I was shocked and amazed at amazed at Coco's hot body. She is in awesome shape. If you ever watched their reality show Ice Loves Coco on E!, then you would know that she is quite fit, but close up and personal is different. Here is a photo of her assets. See for yourself.

She must keep up with her crunches each day that I all I can say. She has a gorgeous tan too. I couldn't get over her huge enormous boobs. Holy taledo Coco! That has got to hurt your back sista. All I know is that Ice T & Coco are so much in love. You can see this on the show, and it visibly is aware wherever they go. I think they just celebrated their ten or 11th wedding anniversary. They had it on T.V. . I hope the show comes back on for another season, as I just loved it. It was real, not bullshit stuff like the Kardashian's. Coco & Ice T are real down to earth good people. What you see is what you get from them. As Ice T says, "I can because I'm Ice Mother T ! Hell to the yeah Ice. I love you man.

And one last photo for you to see of Ice T Himself at the pool party in his honor. I think he might have been praying or something. All I know is he is real. Check him out on Law And Order SUV, and see for yourself. Trust me, you will love him. He is on Twitter & FB too, so hit Ice up. Thanks for stopping by , and checking my blog out.Feel free to enter my giveaways while your here.



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