Sunday, May 6, 2012

DWTS Down To Five Couples

I can't believe that DWTS is down to five couples left dancing. Where on earth has the time gone? I apologize about not giving a review each week after the show, but health issues have pretty much put a damper on my life.Who do you think is going to win this season? I have said from the get go that Mark & Katherine will take the trophy. I really was hoping that Jaleel & Kym would make it to the finally, but they were sent hope last week. What a bummer, considering they scored 9"s on week one.

I don't know a thing about Donald Driver bu I do know that he can dance. Peta & Donald make a great pair and I really enjoy watching them each week. Donald had been consistent from the get go. He wants the trophy very badly.His dance moves are so precise and his foot work amazes me. Who would have know that a football player would dance with perfection?? Donald is the one to watch out for.

Mark Ballas could not have asked for a better partner. Not only does he have a gorgeous gal with one hell of a opera voice, but the gal can move. Katherine has been consistent from week 1. I can tell how much she wants to claim the mirror ball, Her partner has already claimed the mirror ball before with Kristi & Shawn, and he has been in the finale before only to get sent home. He wants to catch up to his buddy, the one who  dances shirtless Derek Hough.

This has been one of the best years on DWTS that I have seen. There has been some good dancers here and there, but this season is a very close race to the finish. Melissa & Max seem to be getting better scores each week, but do they have the fan base to keep them in the race? I really want to see Max win this competition so badly. He has made it to the finale several times, only to be sent packing. I don't think Max will win this year. Maybe next season he will get a partner like Katherine. I hope so.It really saddened me to see Anna & Jack leave so early in the competition. Jack was getting better each time he danced. I think he was sent home way to early, just like Tony Dovolani. Tony has yet to win the mirror ball. Last season he had China Phillips for his partner, and they went home around week four I was so flipping pissed, as she was a damn good dancer. Keep your fingers crossed Tony. Your day will come, it did for Karina Schmirnoff last season with the new proud daddy, J.R. Martinez. Karina had one of the nicest guys this season, and a very good musician. He is another that was getting better, but left too early. I can't wait to see him again in the finale dancing with Karina. That guy has so much class!!

What about Chelsea &a Roshon?? Chelsea's partner is 19 years old and he reminds me on a mini Micheal Jackson dancer. He has escaped the dance off a few times luckily, and each week he dances, I'm amazed at his moves. I think he might be one of Chelsea's best partners. They s so compatible, and she pushes him beyond what he can handle. I hope they make it to the finale. I can't wait to see Chelsea and him do the Freestyle, and or the Jive. I know he can move so I'm sure I will be surprised as always. Chelsea desperately want to win, it's written all over her face.

What about Cheryl & William? They want to win. Cheryl said way back that the higher the scores were, then he would take more clothes off. He seems to be dancing to perfection, so Cheryl , I think it's time for him to lose some clothes. The girls  drool all over him. I swear that guy must have millions of followers.He's a great dancer, married and off the market. Bummer.. So who do you want to win?? Derek & Maria, Max & Melissa. Donald & Peta, Mark & Katherine or Chelsea & Roshon?? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm routing for Chelsea & Roshon or Mark & Katherine. Time will shortly tell. Let me know what you think of this season on DWTS?? I appreciate you stopping by, and I always love reading your comments. Hope to see you around soon.




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