Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Take On DWTS Week 2

Here we are at week 2 of the competition and the second couple to go home was Elizabetta & Val. I had a very strong feeling that it would be them going home this week after the first week of the competition, and it just didn't appear to me that Elizabetta had the dance in her.. She was as nervous as could be and the judges picked up on that. I was hoping that she would have stuck around a few weeks so I could have seen just how far she would come, but the audience had different plans for her.
I thought that Elizabetta & Val made a  darn great looking dance couple. I was so proud of how far she came with her quick step routine on week 2. She ended up with 3 sevens from he judges, and they all noticed how very much of an improvement she had done. I guess  it just wasn't in the cards for them, and being that this was Val's first season on DWTS, he didn't really appear to have the fan base. I'm sure they will be back  dancing in the finale.

As much as I adore Anna Trebunskaya and her dance partner Carson , they could have done without the outfits this week. I wonder who picked them anyways, That Carson is a pistol, and I'll tell you he sure has got the groove for the dance floor, and with having Anna as a partner, he couldn't have asked for a better partner. As geeky as Carson looked last night, he gives it his all each week, and he has such a positive attitude with the whole competition. If he wants to stay in the competition week after week, he needs to step up his game, and give it his all each week. I think he might stay around a few more weeks. We will have to see how he does, and how the judges react to his dancing. Anna has yet to win the Mirror Ball, and I would really lie to see that happen, but there are better dancers with a larger following than Carson.

Cheryl & Rob K. really brought it this week
with their Jive. I see them two getting pretty far in his competition, and possibly into the finale. If Rob continues to work hard, and takes the judges comments to heart, and of course is on his game with Cheryl, I really see him improving week after week. Carrie Ann made me laugh when she announced on the show last night that Rob K. was a better dancer than his sister Kim Kardashian. She is right, he is a much better dancer, and he seems to have better judgement, and a nicer personality too. Work hard Rob & listen to the Cheryl, the 2 time Mirror Ball Champ! I'm sure she wants to add #3 to her collection, and that would be as awesome for Rob K. You can tell that he wants this, and is working his butt off.
I was thrilled when Nancy & Tristan were safe this week also. My votes went to them and Tony & Chynna. I'm seeing a much softer side of Nancy on the dance floor with Tristan. She really is doing quite well, and for this being Tristan's first season, I'm thinking that Nancy has quite the following behind her. Keep it coming guys , as I want to see how much she grows week after week. I would love to see Nancy & Tristan in the free style dance. We know you have it prosecutor, now bring it!!

Lastly, I'm thrilled to see how amazingly well Chynna Phillips & Tony Dovolani are doing. That chic is really into this competition, and she is one feisty gal too.  She definitely wants to with this competition, and I'm pretty sure that we will be seeing them in the final 3 or so. Tony D. has yet to win the Mirror Ball. He has been so close, and he got robbed a few seasons ago when him and the gal from The Hills TV show were sent home way too early in the competition, considering they were the best dancers on the show. If you like a dancer, them please vote for them. Do NOT just think that they are safe because they danced well. We all now that don't mean nothing! We have seen it way to many times before, so Vote Vote Vote!! Don't forget to call in your votes on your land line,and voting is only open for like half an hour, so do it before your time is up. You can also vote online at the DWTS website.

Thank for stopping by and reading about DWTS. I always love it when my followers stop by. Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me now if you are watching DWTS this season, and what you think about it??? Who do you think will win this season, and who do you want to win this season?? Good luck to all of the dancers, and thanks for making my Mondays happy again!!

Until next Monday,


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