Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice Season 10- Week 2

Week 2  is here for Celebrity  Apprentice , and if it turns out to be anything like last Sunday(week 1 ), I just might pull my hair out. With  some great cast members this season including Meatloaf, Lisa Rina, Gary Buse, David Cassidy, Star Jones, Richard Hatch, Nene Leaks ,Latoya Jackson and more, this season sure sounds like it could be a great one.
After Star Jones winning the task for her team which entailed selling the most pizza for her team, Richard Hatch and David Cassidy were rumbling with words on the other side of the table. I didn't think he led his team well at all. He was very demeaning to certain members of his team, and wouldn't listen much to others. As many of us know, Richard Hatch won Survivor, and how he won that was not by making friends, he played the game sneaky, and back stabbing to his other cast mates, but to win in the real world, I guess this is what was needed. I personally don't care for the man. He spent years in jail for tax fraud, and he is just slimy in his ways, so I don't care for people of his caliber.

David Cassidy on the other hand is one heck of a decent guy, and got his behind handed to him on a silver platter. It seemed that him and Richard Hatch didn't share have the greatest feelings towards  the other. While David didn't seem to get too many words in, in the board room, Mr. Hatch wouldn't shut up, and was as arrogant as they come.. I can only imagine how many friends he must have made in prison. I bet he didn't outlast or outplay there. After one week of watching his arrogant ways, I was praying to god, that Mr. Trump would have done the right thing and FIRED him!! After all the Project Manager who leads the task,  win or lose, normally are the one who gets fired by Mr. Trump! Well, this was not what happened last week. Mr. Trump fired David Cassidy, instead of Richard Hatch, because David didn't stick up for himself in the board room like Richard Hatch and Jose. So being Mr. Nice Guy got David axed!! What else is new? The nice guy usually finishes last most of the time.

Mr. Trump, with all due respect, I'm a huge fan of yours, and have been for many many years now. I have always wished that I could be on our show, and work as your Apprentice, but where you came up with the idea of firing David Cassidy, was thrown out of left field. I did not expect this at all. I can't say that I have ever remembered seeing you fire someone else besides the Project Manager, if the task they were responsible for failed. I look forward to my Sunday nights and watching Celebrity Apprentice, but if this foolishness continues, I might have to say "Mr. Trump, your FIRED!!"

Who I like this season that stands out to me right now are, John Rich, Meatloaf , Lisa Rina & Star Jones, even though she comes across very bossy, she is effective for her team.. We'll see what this week brings in the boardroom soon enough.

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