Monday, January 24, 2011

Second Times A Charm For Brad Womack

So they say second times a charm, or atleast that is what The Bachelor Brad Womack season 11 and season 15 thinks. Yes, Brad is the Bachelor not one, but two times, and this has never ever happened in the shows history before. We have seen some crazy things happen along the way, but this was the craziest by far.

Back in 2007, when Brad chose his final 2 which were Jenni Croft(left in photo above)and Deanna Pappas (right in photo), left the viewers stunned when he didn't propose to either of them.I never in a million years saw this coming at all, nor did anyone else I know that watched.Theconnections he formed,the feelings were evident to me that Brad would choose Deanna to be his bride, and I was wrong. He left both Deanna & Jenni, and didn't propose to either of them.I can't tell you what I felt for them, and what I wanted to scream out to Brad. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to say that on my blog.

Jump ahead four years, and he's back. When I heard Brad would be returning, I about had heart failure, and the anger I felt, at how he left that season resurfaced. Everyone has been scorned once or twice in their life once or twice, but what he did matches right up there with Jason Mesnick, that is Douche Bag for short,after he broke off his engagement with Melissa Rycroft on national televison in front of millions of viewers. That's o.k, she ended up the winner in the end, with a gorgeous husband, Tye Strickland, a new home, and a precious baby girl, who is due any day now. I couldn't be more thrilled for Melissa & Tye.

I swore I would never watch this show again, but there I was on night one, when all the girls were introducing themself to Brad. Of course they all are good for him, and he has that magic connection with them all, but who stuck out to me on night one was Emily. One who he should run from is Michelle M.. I don't know what it is about the name Michelle, but they all turn out to be whacko. Common Brad, take your blinders off. You say you are there for love, well, if that is so, then let them whacky ones go...

I will say that as much as I'm not too fond of him, that I do believe that he might actually be looking for a wife this time. He's 38 years old, a bachelor, and the clock is ticking for him. I hope you do it right this time Mr. Womack. You have some good girls there fighting for your love, so don't screw with their minds like you did the last time. If you honestly care for them, then make it known, and NO mind games. Us ladies have hearts that don't like to be screwed with, so "Be real"as Dr.Phil would say. P.S. Brad.. I think you have quite the body going on... Good Luck to you!!! so who do you think Brad might pick to be his wife this season, or do you think it might be another repeat like the last time?? Nothing surprises me with ABC..

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