Monday, January 23, 2012

Ben The Bachelor Is Boring It Seems

I have a question to ask all of you Bachelor fans out there?? Is it me or does this season seem to be the most boring ever? I wasn't really fond of him  last season on The Bachelorette with Ashley Hebert. He seems friendly and all but very boring!!. It seems like he has some walls up or something. I know after being let down at the alter last season was very tough on him and all, but common for gosh sakes. He has 25 attractive women in front of him( one's a bitch), and he seems like  dud!

Look at all of these hot mama's pictured in the photo here, and who does Ben seem to flock after? The crazy one that's who!! Her name would be Courtney, and she's friendly face to face with him, but behind his back, she is very immature and caniving. This is always what happens on these reality shows. The drama queens stay, and the good girls go home way to soon. It's all about ratings and I'm 100% sure of that! Heck, even a grandma came to the show with her granddaughter , they arrived on a horse also.

I think I would rather see Ben get hooked up with Grandma instead of some of the rest of the wanna bees. They all love Ben. They all want a rose. They all want to win his heart over, They all want more T.V. time, and they all want the big prize in the end which is Ben!! How many relationships seem to last these days from the Bachelor & Bachlorette? I can think of one, maybe two if you count the Douche Bag that picked his second choice after he humiliated the beautiful and lovely Melissa Rycroft on national television. She got the last laugh though. She has had so much good come her way since this including getting married, having a beautiful baby girl, and host talk shows, and now a show of her own. Not doing so bad is she?

Who ever he picks I'm sure will be happy. I would love to see him with Casey B. They make a nice match, but something is telling me that he will pick someone who isn't right for him. Don't just pick for looks Ben. Get the whole package if ya know what I mean. What are your thoughts about this boring season? Are you as bored to death as I am?? I much rather would have seen that cutie Ryan be the Bachelor, but oh well. It is what it is! I just can't wait for my Celebrity Apprentice and DWTS to start airing again, and I will be in heaven again. Thanks for stopping by! I love reading your comments too!!



katychick said...

oh and why did that one get to ride in on a horse anyways? not fair to the others.
i say

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