Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years To All !!

Hi Folks! I know it's a bit late, but better late than never I guess. I just wanted to wish all of my followers and friends a very Happy New Years!!! Did you do anything special this year to celebrate the New Year? If so, were you out , or did you stay home and have a party? I used to go out many moons ago, but when I became a mother, those days were long gone. I knew that I was safer at home with my family verses being out on the road. Being out on the road late at night when others are coming and going from bar to bar and house parties is not the smartest thing to do to me. If your having a party and people are drinking, then take the keys and have them sleep over. Atleast you know they are safe with you.

Each year I watch the news on New Years  Eve and day, and the cops talk about how many speeding tickets, DUI's , accidents, and if there was any fatalities. It pains me very much to hear when this happens. When I awoke this morning I had looked at the paper and the first thing I noticed was a car accident, with three people, and one who was ejected and killed,and the other two injured when their car hit a tree. This happen in the wee hours of the night. My heart just broke in pieces when I heard of this. I sank when I even thought of the parents getting that news. No matter how many times we tell our kids to make the right choices, they still like to be their own person, and make choices on their own.

On to resolutions for the New Years.. Did you make any, or will you be attempting to make any New Years resolutions? I usually do each year, but it always don't work out as I plan it. I will try my best with dieting this year,as I really need to shed some pounds since my back surgery. I pray that I have good luck with this. I also am going to think about me this year. I'm always the care taker and mother to everyone I know, and sometimes forget to care about my self. This year I will try and put myself first. I hope each and everyone of you have a terrific New Year. I hope lots of exciting things happen. I also hope for good health to you all. God Bless you, and have a very Happy New Years!!



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