Monday, June 6, 2011

Are Politicians That Dumb???

I just can't stand it anymore with these crooked dumb ass politicians. First there's John Edwards, then Arnold, now this Weiner guy. I swear I have heard enough of all their lies and deceit. They stand in front of the camera in front of millions of viewers, and say that they did not cheat, lie or whatever it may be, then before you know it, they are apologizing for lying to the country, and their families. The jack ass above in the picture is the biggest douche their is. Not only does he lie through his teeth about his adulteress affairs, he decides to tell his wife , who was just recently given a death sentence, that he has fathered a child with Riel Hunter, the bimbo that he was screwing around with, after he had blatantly lied to the whole world on national television. I couldn't believe how despicable that man was to his wife who stood by him for all them years, and to slam her with this as she is losing a battle to cancer? I can't say it on my blog how I really feel about him, because it won't come out nice at all. He is a capital "D" for Douchebag!!!

When Elizabeth passed away some months back, my heart was heavy for the children left behind. Not only did they just lose their mother, but their father was a lying , cheating idiot, who fathered another child with someone else. I believe in Karma, and let me tell you, I always knew that John Edwards day would come, and that it has. He is now being indicted on taking charitable contributions to put up, and take care of the bimbo he was screwing behind his wife's back. Nice guy hah? He had to hide Riel, and her baby bump, somewhere, where no one would hear or see hear until his Presidential Race had come to an end. Good job Mr. Edwards, you didn't make it that far, and because of your lying , cheating ways, you had to bow out, because you took a beating in the polls.  I wish you well though in life. I hope you enjoy the time you will be spending at the grey bar motel. I hear they serve good meals there. I truly believe that Elizabeth is getting the last laugh. I pray to god that your kids take after their wonderful mother. She was one classy lady. I watched her on dateline a few weeks before her death, and I couldn't believe how she presented herself, especially after what she had gone though,and to find out that you will lose your fight to cancer. I will always remember how elegant and graceful of a woman Elizabeth was. She will be missed by all whose life she touched.

Now onto the next idiot, not like we haven't been listening to enough of this the last few weeks with Arnold & Maria. All I have heard about is this Weiner guy, and these racy photos that were sent to some ladies account on twitter, which he claims that his twitter account was hijacked. He swore up and down to the world that he did not do this, but how much grief this was causing him, not to say the embarrassment. Well, Mr. Weiner, like I said about John Edwards, "Your A Douche". You made your bed,now lie in it. This guy just married last year, to Hilliary Clinton's top aide, is lying just like the rest of all these politicians. The ink hasn't even dried on his marriage certificate for gods sake. This guys wife was beautiful too. I just heard on the news from him at a news conference, that he has been lying all along, that he did send these photos, but panicked when they were out on twitter, so he decided to lie. He also admitted doing this to about 6 or more other woman. His wife needs to send his lying ass packing for sure. Who would want to keep someone that can't be faithful to you around. It's not like he had some unattractive wife either. She is gorgeous, and he is just a geek. Look at him in the photo above. Loser!! That is all I can say about him. He says he is not going to resign from his post either. Why should he? Doesn't America need another lying politician in it? Don't we have nothing better to listen to on the news that this?

I'm outraged with all of this foolishness on TV lately, between John, Arnold and Weiner guy. Maria Shriver seems like she is the only one with an ounce of brains in her head. She packed up and left. Money can't buy you happiness, nor can cars, or houses, and she don't need the Terminator. Imagine living in the same home with this person as Maria did all these years. She is one classy lady let me tell you.She reminds me of Elizabeth Edwards in the way she has handled matters. She is protecting herself and her kids. Don't take him back Maria. He is a lying , cheating BUM !! Once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater!! I honestly do believe that saying too!! What are your views on these lying, cheating crooks that call themselves politicians? Have you not heard enough about this like me? I just want to know WHY??? Why is it that these jobs go to their heads, and we the people have to pay for it week after week?? Thanks for letting me vent here. I had just about snapped when I heard the news on TV tonight with the Weiner guy. I appreciate you stopping by and reading my blog. Check out my giveaways while your here. I like reading your comments too, so feel free to say hello if you'd like.

Until next time,



Ardy22 said...

I am as disgusted as you are. John Edwards is as low as they come.

The sad part is that the judicial system is not fair and these morons will get off with a slap on the wrist, no significant fines, and life goes on. Our political system is broke. Cronyism is rampant everywhere.

I would like to see Edwards serve no less than a 5 year term of HARD LABOR, forfeit his ill-gotten gains, lose his license to be a lawyer, live on the streets the rest of his life.

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