Monday, March 28, 2011

Dancing With The Stars- Week 2

It's that wonderful time of year again and another season of Dancing With The Stars- Season 12. I wasn't too sure of all of the celebrities this year as I don't know much about any of them .My favorites picked out for this season thus far are Kendra & Louis, Tony & Wendy, Ralph & Karina and Maxx & Kirstie. From what I see so far being that it is only week 2, it don't seem like it will be a season filled with drama as it was like last year, that is unless Bristol Palin happens to come by and visit. Anyone that reads my blog knows that is a very sore subject with me Last season was so full of drama, and I can't say that I enjoyed it week after week, watching some very talented dancers go home while Miss Palin was safe. To this day I know that was all rigged somehow. ABC's ratings went through the roof last season. It was great for them, but for the fans it stunk!
Tony Dovolani has been a big favorite of mine for many seasons, and I have yet to see him win. It was terrible seeing him get voted off last season with Audrina, and then the season before with Kate Gosselin, well, that wasn't much better. Tony is a very good instructor, and he has alot of patience, and this is needed to teach dance techniques to celebrities. This season he is paired up with TV Host Wendy Williams. Wendy is a very funny and charming lady. She also has alot of spunk in her, and sometimes she gets caught up in that during practice, and Tony is right there to give the advice that is needed. Last week was a tough start for them, as they scored pretty low. If I remember correctly they got a 14. This week they seemed to do much better, and she wasn't as stiff, and she actually moved very well across the floor tonight.That was funny tonight when she told Tony that her boobs moved every time she moved. I got a huge laugh out of that. Have you noticed that Wendy gets bleeped out alot when she uses profanity?? She reminds me of Sharon Osbourne.I pray that they don't get sent home first tomorrow night. I know Tony has a very huge following, so I pray that they are safe!

Louis & Kendra are another favorite of mine this season. Louis has been on for many years, and has yet to win the mirror ball trophy, which he has worked so hard for and came so close a few times. One thing about Kendra that I could do without is her crying about how not pretty she is. That makes me ill. I know she had a tough childhood, but Kendra take a look at yourself in the mirror. You are a very beautiful lady inside and out, and you have everything that a woman would dream of having. Now you are giving the chance to dance on DWTS. I know that this is new to you, but stop putting yourself down, and let your body do the work. You have what it takes to win this. You come out two weeks straight and perform well, and have good stage presence. Listen to Louis and take his advice, as well as the judges and you will go far. I know you have the followers Kendra, and so does Louis, so dance your butt off and work hard. I would love to see you win this.

Karina & Ralph Macchio are the bomb!!  Did you see them the first week of dancing? They come out and scored three 8's from the judges.Karina is a very talented dancer and she can move them legs. She dances so fast and perfecto that I get dizzy  watching her do the jive. I'm not sure how old Ralph Macchio is, but I'm thinking that he has to atleast be in his 40's or so, but man can he move. I couldn't believe my eyes watching him. He didn't miss one step, and kept right up with Karina. She must be so happy to be on top of the leader board for two weeks in a row. Way to start the season off Karina & Ralph.

On to Maxx & Kirstie. I'm AMAZED at
how well they have done. I can't believe my eyes when I watch Kirstie keep right up with Maxx. I must say that I never expected to see her move her body as well as she has. The whole world knows that she has been battling her weight issues for years now, and she has proven to woman all over the world that your weight should not keep you from competing no matter what the situation is. She is a very strong and determined woman, and I absolutely see her making it to the final three.

My final analysis of the show is- I anticipate Karina & Ralph, Kirstie & Maxx and Mark & Chelsea Kane making it to the finale. We will see as the weeks go by. A far as getting eliminated tomorrow, I'm praying that it isn't Tony & Wendy, and I anticipate seeing Dmitry & Petra, Anna & Sugar Ray and Lacy & Mike in the bottom three, and my guess would be Petra & Dmitry going home. I hate to see couples go home especially on the first week, but it's a competition and that is how it goes I guess. I sure hope that this is a fun filled season with some awesome dancing, and no drama like last year. I was so turned off last year, I wasn't sure that I would return to watch it again, but I did.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this season and the celebrities on it. Who do you think will/should go home tomorrow night ? I enjoy reading comments from my readers and their opinions on the show. I have said enough for one night. Check back next week to see my post from week 3. I apologize for not writing the first week. Too much was going on, and I let it slip my mine. I'll try not to let that happen anymore.




Keenly Kristin said...

Hey there! You sound a lot like me!!

I absolutely LOVE Ralph and Karina this season (he's 50, btw...FIFTY!)...although I'm thoroughly enjoying Kirstie and Maks (who is so darn sexy). Kirstie is 60, can you believe THAT? Eek.

I do feel bad for Tony, as well, because they can't last terribly long at this rate, and he is a fabulous dancer and a great teacher. Can't wait to see how this season plays out.

Btw, I can also do without Kendra whining about her low self esteem and tomboyishness (nice word!).

Kristin :)

Sarah said...

I have never watched, I know, I am crazy. I would have to pick Kendra! Wendy Williams just gets on my nerves, I don't know why.

Thanks for visiting, I always try to return comments!

Thomas Johnston said...

I have never read this post ever,am so mud.thanks for the post.

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