Saturday, January 12, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Soap

Thanks to Influenster for the awesome Palmolive Fresh Infusions Box that I recently received. I received 3 bottles of awesome dish soap, including Lemon Thyme, Lime Basil & Ginger White Tea. I gave the Ginger White Tea to my good friend, and like myself, she loved it. When I purchase dish soap I always look at the price, and it has to have a good smell to it. When I stand at the sink doing dishes which I don't always like to do, I have to have a nice smell while I'm doing them.
I instantly fell in love with this dish soap.  I hate when I have to use a whole bottle of dish soap to get a bit of bubbles with my dishes. This is not the case here. I opened the top & gave on tiny squirt and I have a whole bunch of suds which made me happy. This stuff is awesome and it works phenomenal! Look below at the picture to see for yourself.

See what I mean about the suds. One small squirt for all of this. You can purchase Palmolive Fresh Infusions at Walmart & Target for $2.99 a bottle. There is 16 OZ in each bottle, so I'm positive that this will last a long time in  house. If you can snag a coupon somewhere, you would probably save yourself a $1.00 or ore off each bottle. Look in your local newspaper each week. Target has a great deal  going on now with a bundle pack with all three scents for $8.97. Now that will be awesome if you can snag  a coupon. There are many sites all over the computer that offer coupons.
Thanks to Influenster for sending me this awesome product. I now have a new dish soap that I will be using for a long long time. Th dishes come out spotless, they look clean , and you don't have to rinse them forever to get them clean. The scents are amazing! I mixed all three together just for the heck of it to see what it would smell. It was amazing!! Go out and pick yourself up a bottle or two of this today. You won't regret it one bit at all. Thanks for stopping by to read my review. I'd be happy to hear about how you feel about this product!!



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