Sunday, November 4, 2012

DWTS Week 6 .. Country Dancing

Week six has come and gone and it was a tough one for many. This week was country dancing, and due to Hurricane Sandy, I wasn't able to watch the whole show. I got to see clips on You Tube, and the following night I was able to see the dances as they were shown again. I was so sad that I wasn't able to watch Sabrina & Louis and Karina & Apolo get a perfect score. I couldn't believe how well all of the couples danced last week. They were simply amazing. They were all on their game. Kirstie & Max received their highest scores yet, while Kelly & Val were on the bottom of the leaderboard.
Shawn & Derek danced to the Cha Cha even with injuries affecting them both. Shawn's knee was hurt , and Derek had a bulging disc in his neck. I must say that Derek Hough is one fine looking cowboy. I just love him so much. Not a thing stops him week after week. He is by far one of the shows best dancers of all time. They ended getting a 28 for the week, and were safe from being eliminated last week. Mark Balas will be filling in for Derek this week, so he can rest his neck per Dr.'s orders. Shawn must be thrilled to dance with her former partner again, and a bit nervous not knowing the outcome  of Derek's injury. I have had neck surgery due to the same injury, and it's not a piece of cake. Feel better soon Derek!
Nothing will stop Melissa Rycroft when it comes to dancing. She has had previous injuries being on DWTS the last time, and with her neck injury just a few weeks ago, I'm sure she was scared to dance, but she did it, and from what I read she did well.As bummed out as I was not being able to watch my favorite couple Tony & Melissa dance the Viennese Waltz due to power outage thanks to Sandy, I was thanking my lucky stars that we escaped the worst. When I watched their dance on You Tube, I couldn't believe how well Melissa danced. She was flawless & simply outstanding. Her lines were exquisite. She received two 10's from Len & Bruno,and a 9.5 from Carrie Ann, which I believe she got ripped off, and should have got a ten to make it a perfect score.

The judges have been real tough this year with scoring, and I absolutely hate the half point system. Karina & Apollo and Sabrina & Louis scored a perfect 30. Karina & Apollo danced a Viennese Waltz, and Sabrina and Louis danced the Rumba. Sabrina put all of her heart and soul into this dance, as it was very personal to her, and it showed 100%. It was breath taking to watch. They were finally on top of their game. Apollo & Karina danced amazingly beautiful together. After their little squabble last week, they worked their butts off, and came back so strong this week, This was the Apollo that I knew and loved when he danced with Julianne Hough. He was finally back on top. Karina knows what it's like to win, and I can tell that she is wanting #2 trophy. They both have what it takes to make it to the finale. Kirstie and Max kept me wanting to see more dancing. They danced to a sexy Rumba and when I say sexy, I mean it. I was wondering if they would be safe for yet another week, and that they were.

Let me just tell everyone how very much important it is to vote. Last week on DWTS, one of the front runners in the competition was sent home. Sabrina Bryan & Louis Van Amstel(whom I Adore), scored a perfect 30 to their Rumba, and were in the bottom two with Melissa & Tony. My stomach was sick. I had this gut feeling that a front runner would be sent home this week, and indeed that is what happened. After almost having heart failure watching Melissa & Tony be in the bottom two, and possibly be eliminated, in the end they were safe. Melissa & Tony were over the moon with joy, but also heart broken to see such a good dancer be eliminated. Sabrina danced many seasons ago, and was eliminated in week 6 then also, only to have the same thing happen again. This should NOT have happened. That girl is one talented dancer. I expected her to make it right up to the finale for sure. It was so painful to see the hurt that she felt after being eliminated. Something has to change with the system that DWTS has. For someone like Bristol Palin to make it to the finale, and for someone such as Sabrina who could have won this competition, to be sent home is purely wrong. Maybe they should have a save like American Idol. All I know is how upsetting it was to see this happen to them both.

If your a fan of the show and have a favorite couple, then pick up the phone and vote. It don't take long to do it but a few seconds. Don't just assume that your favorite dancer is safe. That does not mean a thing. It didn't for Sabrina & Louis. At least they left the competition on top , verses the bottom.The two couples with the lowest score were safe, and the one with the highest was sent home. Sounds fair right? There are a few ways to vote like online at DWTS, FB & the phone. Please do this if you have a favorite. You can also do it if it's your families favorite couple also. I have seen enough devastation on DWTS due to people being sent home early, and it does not feel right at all. It's a huge void. I just can't wait to see Louis & Sabrina come back for the finale.

Lastly, I'd like to keep all of the victims from Hurricane Sandy who lost their houses, and those who lost their lives due to this catastrophic event in my prayers. I was very lucky to escape the worst, but others weren't. I will keep you all in my prayers, and I will do whatever I can to help you out in your time of need. Red Cross is accepting blood donations, and or cash donation,or whatever you would like to donate. These people lost everything, and have nothing, so every little penny counts. DO what you can to help out, and tell your family the same. I can't imagine how hard it must be to have lost a home, or a loved one from Sandy. Know that better days are ahead, and we stand united. You will get through this, and be even stronger than before. We are one tough country,and we stand together when needed. Thanks to President Obama, and all of the hardworking Governor's & State Senators for all of their hard work, Also a big shout out to the public utilities for working around the clock to get all the millions of people their power back. Only a selfless person could do your job. Know that all of your work is appreciated! God Bless everyone & their families. Keep safe & stay strong! We will beat this!



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