Thursday, October 25, 2012

DWTS Week 5 Team Dances A Must See

 Can you believe that we have reached the half way mark on DWTS? Five weeks went by so far, which were five too many watching Bristol Palin dance each week, but thankfully, there was a god last week, and she went home. Things do happen for a reason. Bristol Palin would have never been able to compete like the other celebrities in the team dance. It was a lot of choreography, and it was very hard to learn according to all the celebrities. Here are a few highlights of the night below:

Melissa & Tony danced the Tango. This was the first time they had danced this, as she was sent home before the Tango on Season 8. I think Melissa killed it. She fit the part 100%. For not knowing much of the dance, she came out, gave it her all, and she played the character perfectly. She looked smoking hot in that red hair. They received 9's for their score. Melissa gives dancing her everything each week. I really want to see Tony & Melissa make it to the finale. They deserve it 100%. The competition is fierce this season with 6 or 7 past mirror ball champs dancing faith it them two, and they have my votes each week.

Louis & Sabrina got great scores this week too. They danced The Waltz, and Sabrina got to play Princess for an evening. She fit the part whole heatedly too. She looked amazing &and so did her handsome partner Louis. Louis is so full of talent, and has yet to win, so I'd like to see good things for him and his partner Sabrina. I met Louis in person, and he's one of the sweetest people ever. They received 9's for the evening also. It was a fairy tale for a princess, and that is what Sabrina was for the night.
Derek and Shawn danced to the Samba, and left me wanting to see more. They danced this to the Titanic, which is a beautiful song, and when you put two beautiful dancers together, it was exquisite. The lines were beautiful. Derek and Shawn make a very steamy couple together. I though that this was a perfect dance, which should have scored them a perfect 30. However, the judges thought a bit different, at least Carrie Ann did. She deducted a point for what she called a lift. Derek didn't see it this way though. He called it a jump, which was caught. Anyways, the dance was beautiful, and they danced it beautifully.
Did you happen to see the team dances? I hope you didn't miss Team Guile's Gangnam Dance. I didn't have a clue as to what it was before hand. I had to ask my friend about it, and she said it was the "New" dance that's out. I thought they rehearsed many hours  and days to get this down to a T. It was so entertaining to watch. Each one of the celebs and pro's held their own. I was very impressed how Kirstie Alley did with Maksim, considering she is the oldest one there. Her age sure didn't stop her one moment. I thought that the stand out in this dance were Guiles and Peta, and Val .Emitt brought it home also. I loved the eyes on him when he was on the floor. The best part of the dance was when Guile's ripped his white towel off, and stood there in his whitey tidies. OMG!! I couldn't believe he did that. He should be the model spokesperson for Hanes with the body that he has. He is simply fantabulous! What's not to love with him?? Click on the video above, and watch for yourself.

Team Call Me Maybe was the winner in team dances if I say so. They scored a 29 out of 30, and the judges were so impressed. I was so happy to see Melissa Rycroft be part of this dance , considering she had just hurt herself a day before, and this was alot of lifting and jumping. It was hard to tell who the celebrities were, and who the pros were. That is how well they danced together. I must say that Apollo Anton really came back this week, and him and his partner redeemed themselves. He really stood out to me in the team dance. He was the only guy pro, and he held up just as good as Melissa, Shawn and Sabrina who have had dancing, and cheer leading experience before. It was so nice to see this dance. I was in heaven after it. I loved the outfits that they wore, and the whole school theme with the desks was cute.

There was no elimination this week due to two one hour nights of dancing , and the Presidential Debate being on. What are your thoughts so far on the show, and who do you want to see win? Who I want to see win, and who will win are two different scenarios. I would love to see Tony and Melissa win this. Tony has never won, and this is his season to win. He has a superb partner. There is some very tough competition this season though. Derek and Shawn are both champs, so are Emmit and Cheryl, and Val and Kelly Monaco are a force to be reckoned with. Let's not forget the sexy Peta and Guile's. They have been leading this race pretty much from the get go. When you have two very strong dancers who are determined to win, well that is what we have with them.

The finale will be here in weeks to come, so we will find out who will make it into the finals. My guess would be Guile's and Peta, Tony and Melissa, and Val and Kelly, This is who I'd love to see in the finals. Let's not forget Twinkle Toes himself "Emmit". He is the crowd favorite, and is a former champ with two time champ Cheryl Burke. I love reading your comments, so please feel free to leave them. Let me know who you want to win also. Feel free to check out my giveaways while your here too. There's always something going on! Thanks for stopping by!:)



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