Monday, August 27, 2012

I Can't Wait Until DWTS Airs ...I'm Having Withdrawls


I can believe that it is almost time for Season 15 of DWTS can you?? The All Stars cast this season is going to be great minus watching the Palin chic.I still can't get over the fact that ABC s having her come back. She was not a great dancer at all. Her partner led her across the floor all of the time. It was kind of sickening to watch but of course we all know why she is coming back..for ratings, that is why! Of course we will see the former Governor of Alaska, Sara Palin sitting in the audience with the camera staring her down. Enough about her.

So who are you happy to see dance this season? I think this is going to be a real competition from the get go considering there a five mirror ball champs that will be dancing, like Kelly, Drew, Emmit, Helio C. & the Apollo guy. Emmit , Kirstie and Apollo are missing in the above picture, and of course the fans picture too. Who would you like to see from Carson, Kyle or Sabrina?

I, myself  voted for Kyle Massey each day.While I always loved seeing Carson dance, and just be himself, he was not the best dancer He tried hard, but couldn't keep up with the big dogs. Sabrina was sent home way too early on her season from what I hear. I don't really remember it, but I'm sure people thought she was safe since she danced well, but wasn't. Just like China Phillips & Audrina Partridge to name a few. They were sent home to soon. If Kyle gets chosen which I hope he does, I pray that Lacy will be his partner. I missed not seeing her last season, and they had an unbelievable chemistry between them. Remember their Freestyle dance which landed in the finale?

I remember this dance  very clearly in my head. They scored a perfect 30, a it was well deserved. It even put a smile on Mr. Grouchy's face. I hope he enjoyed his summer, and comes back with a nicer attitude than in the past. He is a hard one to please for sure, ask Maksim C.? That poor guy has the hardest time with Mr. Len. They need to respect one another, and act like adults. Len has said some nasty stuff in the past, which fires Max up.

Last but not least Melissa Rycroft Strickland & Tony Dovolani together at last. I never thought I would see them dance again. I loved when Melissa was asked to come on and dance after her public break up with the idiot loser J.M. Thanks to ABC for publicly humiliating them both. Jason deserved what he had coming. My heart broke for poor Melissa,but look at her now, she's a mom, a wife to a great hubby, has her own reality show &back on DWTS All Stars & she wrote a book called "My Reality, by Melissa Rycroft.". Not too shabby for a gal who was once a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader She has what it takes to dance,and is such a beautiful person inside and out. Tony Dovolani has dance every season I'm pretty sure and has yet to win. He has won plenty of other competitions world wide, but not the mirror ball trophy. I think they will be right in the finale again! Please bring it heavy Melissa & Tony. I really want Tony Dovolani to win this season, but if Kyle Massey is selected for the last pick, then we might have a problem because  love him too. Derek Hough is such the nicest guy ever. I was lucky enough to meet him over the summer, and fell in love with hi. We all know he can dance, and is a perfectionist, and has 3 Mirror Ball Trophies already, so give someone else a chance. lo. I hope to be blogging each week as the competition goes along, as I have in the past. Last year I took a break due to medical issues.

I just hope and pray that the Palin chick will be sent home the first week. I can't stand her, or her mother. If one of the champs go first before her, you probably will hear me yelling and screaming. That is how sick I get when I watch her. I hope you all enjoy yor week! Leave a comment below, and let me know what your thinking of this season if you watch the show. I'm a huge DWTS fan, and always have wanted to be on the set live Maybe some day.



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