Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Fun.. Be Safe

With summertime here there are alot of things going on like barbeque's, picnics, birthday parties, camp outs and so much more including water activities. Each year when summer approaches we face more and more tragedies that could have been prevented. Recently three teens died due to an over crowded boat, which carried about 25 people. Watching this on the news breaks my heart to hear of it. I know teens will be teens, as I have raised them myself, but we need as parents to teach them right from wrong, and how to make good decisions. I know that kids make their own choices especially the teens. If your kids are swimming and under 13, then make them wear a life jacket. If your on a boat road with a child or adults, then wear a life vest. We as parents need to teach our kids safety comes first. I pray to god that the kids that survived this recent accident our o.k., and for the ones who drowned, well they & their families will be in my prayers. I'm terribly sorry that this happened. I hope that something good turns out of all of this!!. Kids and adults, please be safe this summer! Your family loves you and wants you to have a safe and happy summer! Catch a nice tan while your beaching it. Don't forget the SPF.



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