Thursday, July 26, 2012

"One Direction ".. Their Music Gets Me Pumped

Have you ever heard of One Direction?? I hadn't until recently. I heard one of their songs called " What Makes You Beautiful" and I was hooked. What an upbeat song it is, and if your kind of in a bummy mood, this group will change it right around. You will be up and dancing on all around. Do you have any teenagers in the house? I'm sure if you have any girls, they love this group. They appeared on the first season of X Factor, and really stood out to the judges. I thought they would win for sure. Bigger and better things have come their way. One Direction is touring all over the world to sold out venues, and guess who wants to go and see them? You got it right..ME!!!! I'm hoping that they will be touring in my state. I might have to take a trip and find them. If you have a few minutes, sit and listen to the video and see if you like them yourself. I swear this music will get you on your feet. It's 10 p.m. EST, and I'm sitting here jamming to One Direction, and loving each and every moment.Hope you enjoyed listening to the music. Have a fun filled weekend! Be safe!! Thanks for stopping by!


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