Thursday, June 21, 2012

1st Step Pro Wellness Vitamin B 12 Complex Review

Have you ever heard of  1st Step Pro Wellness? I hadn't until recently when I signed up for a chance to review one of 1st Step Pro Wellness products. 1st Step Pro Wellness products are nutritional fitness supplements can help you live healthy, look healthy, and be healthy. If you want to feel good inside and out, then 1st Step Pro Wellness is here to help you .

1st Step Pro Wellness products  are designed to promote the following for woman:

~Healthy Nutrition                 ~Healthy Weight
~Healthy Energy                    ~Healthy Bone & Joints
~Healthy Muscles                   ~Healthy Heart


About 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS

Since 2001 High Performance Fitness, Inc. has been one of the
sports world's premier providers of high-quality, safe and effective
athletic supplements.High Performance Fitness has applied this
success to develop 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS™ with the goal of
helping women achieve lasting energy, strong bone and joints,
toned muscles, healthy hydration and healthy weight.
After years of development, the 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS™
line is launchingnationwide at Food, Drug and Mass
Merchandise stores.

All Natural Cherry.I was a bit unsure of the taste at first, but
I was very pleased with it's fruity taste.I'm one that doesn't
try all them power drinks like the teens do.I feel that the
products in them might not be good for you. It did give me a
boost, one that I hadn't had in quite a while, so I was happy.
It has no caffeine or stimulants in it , and no side affects.
Vitamin B helps convert food into energy & is essential for
red blood cell formation. Folic Acid with B 12 benefits the
brain also.Vitamin B12 "promotes improvement in cognitive
functioning after 24 months, particularly in immediate and
delayed memory performance."

I could use a boost every now and then so I think that Vitamin
B 12 Complex would be good too have around the house. It has a
good tasting flavor and can be purchase at your local Walgreen's
or Kroger. You can also get a coupon for $2.00 by clicking here.
1st Step Pro Wellness carries avariety of different items including
vitamins, healthy bones, healthy weight cleanse,
healthy heart fish oil,healthy joints & healthy muscles
and more.

I was provided these samples for review as part of being a member
of Family Review Network thanks to Kailani. I was not compensated
monetarily for my review. These are my opinions and mine only.
Please refer to my Disclosure Policy at the bottom right hand side
of my blog. 1st Step Pro Wellness has found a new customer with
me. I think I will be purchasing some 1st Step Pro Wellness
Healthy Bones.As we age, so do our bones. I have a family full
of bone problems, so this just might be the answer. Thanks again
to Family Review Network for letting me review this product &
1st Step Pro Wellness for providing it.





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