Thursday, March 8, 2012

American Idols Jessica Sanchez Could Win This Competition...

Did anyone watch American Idol last night? While there were many stand out singers for the night, Jessica Sanchez took my vote for sure, and left me all teary eyed, along with millions of viewers I'm sure. Everyone knows the fabulous late Whitney Houston, and the power house voice she had. I  was a fan of hers for decades and still am. Each of the girl contestants sand a Whitney song, while the guys sang Stevie Wonder. The stand out guy for me was Joshua Ledet. I definitely see Joshua & Jessica being in the final two. Who will be the winner??

Another fabulous singer is Holly Cavanagh. At the age of 18 years old, that girl is a powerhouse singer. She sure can belt songs out. I see Holly making it right up to the final three or four. Then there is Skylar, another 18 year old with a powerful voice. I loved the way she sang her Whitney song last night, but I think she sang just a bit too fast. It must of been so hard for her, as she is a country girl, and a damn good one if I must say so.

One of my favorites this year is 16 year old Shannon Magrane. The judges all gave her negative criticism last night about her song. I thought she personally did pretty good. At times she went a bit too low and was off key, but she seem to pull her self up when she hit the chorus. Shannon is a down to earth , friendly kind of gal, and she will have my votes each and every week. The judges think over last nights performance, that she might be in trouble tonight. I think they are wrong. I think that Elise and Heejun might be in the bottom two. We will shortly see in just a few more more. Let me know what you think about American Idol this season, and if your sick of Steven Tyler saying " You nailed it", Randy Jackson saying "Dog, it was a bit pitchy here and there", and of course Jennifer Lopez saying " Baby you got it". It's the same old words each and every week. Enough said for now. Have a great day folks!

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