Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Legend Lost But Not Forgotten RIP Whitney Houston 8/09/63-2/11/12

I write this with a very sad heart on the passing of one of the best singers of all time, Whitney Houston!! When I heard of the news last night, at first I thought it might be just a bad rumor, but unfortunately it wasn't. As I sit here an listen to Whitney's songs, many of which were number one hits, my eyes are filled with tears, and my heart is heavy. I can't fathom the loss of another legend gone way too soon before her time. All I can say is that god must have needed another angel, because that is what Whitney Houston was.

Look at this beautiful talented lady in her day. Whitney was a 6 x Grammy winner, 2 x Emmy Winner, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 AMA Awards, and many more. I was a teen back in the 80's when I heard of Whitney's music. The first song that I remember, and fell in love with was "The Greatest Love Of All". Back in the days I used to go out to pubs which had karaoke on different nights of the week, and all I would sing is Whitney Houston songs. Where they easy?? Of course not!! I don't think that anyone in the world could ever compare to Whitney! She was one of a kind, and everyone loved her music. Thanks to Clive Davis, Whitney had the most awesome mentor ever, and  if she was going to make it in the music industry, she would surely make it with Clive Davis. I can't imagine how he must be feeling to lose such an icon, and a best friend to him especially on the night before the Grammy Awards. This is where it all began for the lovely Whitney Houston. As Clive said, Whitney would have wanted the show to go on, so "Let the music begin". Below is Whitney performing the National Anthem back in 1991. This was the best performance by an artist, and still is till this day. Take a moment to listen to it.

I have listened to this over and over again since last night, and I can't believe how perfectly she sang this beautiful song. Whitney Houston had it, and she gave it when singing this song. Listen to the crowd cheer her on when she was done. This was by far one of her best performances ever. Whitney will always be remembered for this, and her any other number one hits. A few of my favorite were The Greatest Love Of All & One Moment In Time, I Wanna Dance With Somebody. I could go on and on. Her music was just magical. We really lost a legend. I will always remember her and her music.
One thing we must remember is that a daughter lost her mother & and a mother lost her daughter. Rumors are swirling all over the Internet and television about the cause of her death, and people are saying that Bobbi Brown brought her down. I must say this is NOT the time to speculate this. A family has just lost their loved one.Whatever her problems were, one thing I can say is that she loved her daughter Bobbi Kristina so much. I saw them together many of times in photos, and Bobbi Brown was there also. They were only married for five years, but it seemed that they did what was right for their daughter. She looked happy in the photos. This is not the time to leave nasty comments about anyone. If you don't have anything nice to say, then please keep it to yourself!!

I thought my heart was broken when we lost Micheal Jackson way to soon at the age of 51. I was devastated on his loss. I had seen him in concert, and loved his music. I didn't have the chance to see Whitney in concert,but I felt when I listened to her music that I was sitting right there at her concert. This is what her music did to me. It sucked me right in and I loved the heck out of it! My heart is broken today Whitney, along with millions of your fans. You were the bomb, the Diva, you sang your heart out Whitney! My sympathy goes out to your family, especially your daughter Bobbi Kristina & your mother. I can't imagine how she must be feeling knowing that she lost her best friend. I'm sure she will hold onto all the memories that you made with her. God must have had better plans for you Whitney, this is why he called you home. Your an angel, and you will never be forgotten. Thank you for some of the best music I have ever heard in my life. I will always remember the strong, and most talented Whitney Houston! God Bless you and your family! May you RIP !!

With Heartfelt Sympathy,
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