Monday, November 28, 2011

The Winner Of DWTS Season 13

Finally after countless weeks of training some 8+ hours a day, and plenty of heated moments, and some sad ones too, we finally have a new champ of Dancing With The Stars Season 13. For those of you who have been following along, or those of you who haven't, the new winner is J.R. Martinez & Karina Schmirnoff, and this couple couldn't be any more deserving to win. The final three couples were all great, but in the end there could only be 1 winner.
This was a very exciting moment for me on the show. To see J.R & Karina all jacked up in the air with their Mirror Ball trophies, and confetti falling all around them was just priceless! There were tears flowing everywhere when Tom Bergeron announced their name. They both had tears that they were fighting back to talk with Tom. This was a moment that Karina who had been so close several times had been waiting to happen for many years, and finally she got her win with one amazing, outstanding, stellar man! Any mother would be proud to call J.R.their son!! He was kick but fabulous right from he get go.
This is the dance right here that put them over the top with a perfect score of 30, making it their fourth one of the season. This freestyle choreographed by Karina was A+++ phenomenal. The lifts and jumps that were in this routine were fabulous. AT first I asked if all this would be safe considering that Karina had her neck fused last year after an injury, and with J.R.'s ankle, I wondered if everything would turn out right from them, and with 10-10-10 from the judges paddles, they was perfect!!

This flip was crazy dangerous, but went off perfectly. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and it happened so fast. All I know is there was jumps, flips, more flips, and a little booty shaking. Did you see where they went out into the middle of the dance floor and danced perfectly on beat, same moves, it was simply amazing. I know Karina was the pro here, but I have to give mad props to J.R. for keeping right up with Karina. Believe me when I say it was hard to tell between the pro and the celebrity. This is how J.R. danced the whole season. His first dance of the night was not his best as he missed a few steps,but he redeemed himself.

As I said before all of the couples danced great, with Rob Kardashian being the most improved dancer. He started as a young man and developed into a perfect gentleman. I hope he continues on with his dancing. Derek & Ricky came out and did a great Freestyle also, but she lost a few steps at the , and this cost them.Ricky Lake knew she was a winner either way. What she accomplished this season was enough , with her boyfriend sitting their each week to cheer her on, I just was so thrilled for her. When Rob & Cheryl made it to the final two in the competition, which I knew would happen, I was like no way, if that Kardashian wins I will flip. I'm just so damn sick of all the whole family. I had to sit here week after week and see the whole darn crew, and enough is enough. I will say that it was any ones game. Rob & Cheryl did their best, and Rob brought his game when needed,but in the end it was J.R. & Karina that would be the winners,and I can't tell you how happy I am for them both. They are both thrilled to have won. Karina put a picture of her and her Mirror Ball Trophy in bed on the computer for all t see. I just laughed. After all that hard work, I would sleep with it too. I can only imagine what J.R. has done with his Mirror Ball?

Now I'm slipping into my blues stage as there is no more DWTS until mid March. What on earth will I watch from now until then? I have an idea , why don't they take all the runners up and put them in a competition until the new series  premieres, or does that sound weird??? I also think they should take the judges next season and pair them up with some celebrities. Carrie Ann would be great with Max, Bruno would be great with Kate Gosselin, and good old Len would be perfect with Cloris Leachman!! These are just my opinions though. Let me know how you will be enjoying your time until the new season starts? Maybe I'll put my extra time into blogging and have some fabulous giveaways for my readers!! Congratulations again to the winners on DWTS Season 13 Karina Schmirnoff & J.R. Martinez. Thanks for stopping by each week to read my update on DWTS. I'll be back to doing it when the new season starts up. Who would you like to see on DWTS Season 14? I would love to see Sheri Shepard of The View, and Les Gold, of his hit show "Hardcore Pawn". I think ABC should recruit Jimmy Kimmel also, after all he does interview each dancer and their partner each week. Let me know who you would like to see on the next show? Thanks for stopping by!!

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