Sunday, October 16, 2011

DWTS Week 4 Results

Here we go again. Week 4 has come and gone, and so have 2 of the best dancers on the show again. It ha take me awhile to wrote this, as I have been really bummed of the elimination. I sit and wonder is this a dancing competition or is this a popularity contest? I seriously think it might be a popularity contest. How can two weeks go by, and 2 of the best dancers be sent home?

Tony Dovolani & Chynna Phillips were sent home this past week. In their dance the night before, Chynna had lost her steps throughout the dance several times, but the great coach that Tony is, he guided her the rest of the dance. You could hear him talk to her in the audio telling her it's okay, just follow him. I also her the part where Chynna was bleeped out. Tony & Chynna had scored pretty well the first couple of weeks, and for this to happen was devastating to me. You could tell on elimination night that they looked like they would be going home. I just can't understand how on earth they could leave especially before Carson, Chaz, and Nancy. They are good dancers, but Chynna did dance better than them, and she knew it also. This will suck without them in the competition!

Chaz & Lacy really brought it this week also. This was one of his toughest dances yet, with a lot of physical activity put into it. I thought it was neat that Lacey brought Chaz to see Richard Simmons this week for some tips on how to get in shape, and stay in the competition. They ended up being safe, and the surprise of their faces were evident. It brought me to tears seeing Cher in the audience. Was this a publicity stunt for the show or what???

It think that everyone pretty much brought their game this week. There were definitely better dancers than others in the competition! I think Derek & Ricky danced awesome this past week, and they received the first tens of the season, ending up with a 29 from the judges! Hope & Max also brought their game this past week. It's amazing seeing the celebrities grow each week and become great dancers. Nancy & Tristan also did good too. Nancy looked amazing in her dress. Tristan must be having a ball this season dancing with her. One thing she needs to do is loosen up, interact with the audience, and just have fun. She always seems to be stiff looking to me!!

Rob Kardashian landed in the final two this past week, and I'm hoping this scared him enough to come out and dance even better this week. He has been pretty consistent all along in the competition. It's a bit weird to me seeing him dance in front of millions of people. This is not the Rob I see on KUWTK. Cheryl & Rob have done pretty good so far. Cheryl is a two time champ, and am sure she would love for it to be three!! Give it your all Rob! I love seeing you two dance each week!

I wouldn't say that this season is anything great for me, as it does seem a bit boring compared to last year. It's almost like everyone knows who will week now. Just give Derek the Mirror Ball Trophy!! This is just how I feel. Ricky & Derek have danced incredibly so far, but so have J.R. & Karina! Now J.R. comes out each week with such determination, and elegance in his dance. My heart aches for him with what he has gone through since the blast. He is determined to win 100%!! I really hope they win this season. Karina has made it to the finals before, but has yet to win. One person I miss in this competition is "Metta World Peace" know as the former Ron Artest! He brought some comedy to the competition, but sadly him & Petyra were eliminated the first week. I think he should have left his hair alone!.

Week 5 is here tomorrow and I can't wait to see what it brings. I sit glued to the T.V., and as my friends and family know to "DO NOT INTERUPT ME"during DWTS. They think I'm crazy, but I'm just passionate about dancing, and DWTS is one of my favorite T.V.'s. Who do you think will go home next, and who do you think should be next to go home? Who would you like to see win this competition this season? Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love reading your comments, so feel free to leave one! Have a blessed day!!

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I am also a fan of this show. Love Love Love it. But this year I love it a tiny bit less. The whole Chyna thing really turned me off. Popularity contest? yeah i think so. My fav though is still on and thats Ricki Lake. Shes a Shiner in the spotlight.

Anyhow I am a New follower from

Glad you hopped on by and added your giveaways. This giveaway linkie is always open 24/7 so feel free to add anytime.

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