Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Royal Wedding For Kim & Kris ??

So how many of you are getting ready to watch The Royal Wedding Of The Century??  I don't know about you, but the talk of Kim Kardaschian to wed beau Kris Humphries this Saturday is all over the Internet and T.V. In no way do I consider this a Royal Wedding of any kind. All she is is a reality star, one who is very rich and famous, and because of her very famous rich mother and all of her T.V. shows, and her appearances, the whole world knows Kim Kardaschian. Oh lets not forget what put her in the spot light many of years ago.

I don't know if you saw the proposal of Kris to Kim on T.V. or not, but he did it rose petals, and I mean there were like millions of them on her bed, and it spelled out Will You Marry Me?? As you can see from the pics he also had some ponies for his little princess on her special day. Imagine that for a proposal?? Oh let's not forget the ring that he gave her was valued at $2 million dollars. Heck, my whole house filled from top to bottom isn't worth that, or even half of it. To me I could be given a ring from a bubble gum machine, and as long as the love was there, and I was happy, the price or diamond cut wouldn't matter. A much as I love watching the Kardaschians each Sunday night, I'm amazed at the mansions they live in and just how rich their lives are. I like Khloe the best, oh let's not forget Bruce Jenner. They seem to have their heads on straight, and are not all about the $$$. Kim seems to act like a rich spoiled little brat at times, but hey if I had all that money, who knows what I'd be like. All I know is money don't buy happiness or health. It helps, but sometimes it just gets in the way.

When Kim & Kris got engaged, all you heard on the T.V and the internet was that they had went to some store in L.A. and filled out a bridal registry, and some of prices for the items they were asking was $3,000 for an ashtray, $12,000 for a table setting, $8,000 for silverware, and so on. What a joke!! Who on earth would ever ask for something of that value whether your rich or not? Kim's net worth was well over $46 million this past year, not including what her hubby to be is worth. I think they could afford this on their own if they wanted to buy it. When you ask for things with that high of value, I would imagine people would feel they have to buy it.Below is a picture of Sherri Shepherd from The View & her new hubby Sal. They tied the not on August 13, 2011.
Sherri told her co hosts at The View that she did not want wedding gifts. She asked that her guests donate money to charities that she and Sal had picked out.She said "I don't need four toasters"! To me that spoke volumes of Sherri's character asking her guests to donate charities. Heck I don't think Sherri made over $46 million like Kim K. did last year either. I'm so happy that Sherri has found happiness in her chocolate thunder Sal.If you watch The View you would hear Sheri use that name from time to time. Sherri was introduced to Sal through a friend, they had a nice courtship and now she is married to him. She says she couldn't ask or a better hubby, or for a better step dad to her son Jeffrey. I wish you both many years of happiness Sherri & Sal.
Now just for those of you who didn't get the chance to see this royal wedding take place on this very special day in history on July 29th, 1981, above is a photo of Prince Charles & Princess Diana. This is the real thing here!! With almost 1,000,000 people watching from the streets in London, 3,500 people filling the congregation, and over 750 million viewers watching the royal wedding on TV. This was the most watched television show in history ever! I would love to see the Kardashians try to even come close to this. I don't think it will happen! I remember watching Princess Di, at 20 years of age make her four minute walk down the aisle in her beautiful gown with a 25 foot long train. She was so shy, she was blushing, she was absolutely beautiful! I will never forget watching her wedding, nor will I forget watchng her son marry Kate this past year. All I can say is heaven gained an angel on the fateful day of August 31, 1997. Princess Di was such an amazing lady, one with such a huge heart, one that did everything possible to help others out. She would be so proud of her kids all grown up today if she were here.

I wish Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries all the luck in the world with your upcoming nuptuals. Live for today and not tomorrow. Relationships start with friendship first then love. My mom always told me that as long as we had our health, a roof over our head, and some food on the table, that we were in pretty decent shape. I love the fact that Bruce Jenner sets it straight for his girls. He doesn't want them to grow up thinking they can have whatever they want, without working for it. I hope your wedding is a memorable day, one that you will never forget Kim & Kris. I know you have been longing for this for along time now Kim, as you are always talking about marriage on TV. I still believe that your heart was with Reggie Bush, but I could be wrong. We will see what happens! Thanks for stopping by !! Tell me what you think about the upcoming nuptuals, and if you think that Kim has found Mr Right? I love hearing what other people have to say, so leave a comment if you'd like. Save my seat Kim & Kris. I wouldn't miss your wedding for the world!


Erika said...

I agree that it's not a real royal wedding - now Princess Diana - I love the British royals! :)
Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm a new follower!
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