Monday, July 12, 2010

Going To See Meatloaf In Concert

Anyone remember Meatloaf the singer?? That was all I listened to back in the 1980's, and boy was it fun . Me & my sister used to listen to Meatloaf all the time. We would dance around and sing our heads off like crazy, and of course our parents would yell at us. Well, I'm going to see Meatloaf in concert tonight with my best friend Melissa!! She is really excited about going with me. I hope we have a blast because we both need to loosen up and have some fun!! Hopefully I will have some great pics to post after the show. Can't wait to hear 2 out of 3 Ain't Bad & Paradise By The Dashboard Lights!!! Those are two of my favorites!!! Off to get prettied up for the show!! Until next time, Be Well!!!

Kelly ~


Jess said...

Kelly Check Your Spam, I have not been ignoring you.

1stopmom said...

It is funny that you mentioned Meatloaf because I was talking about him a while back with my husband. I was watching him in this movie, Black Dog, and I was wondering if he was still performing. I really like him as an actor.

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