Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aaron Kelly The Next American Idol

When I first heard of this kid named Aaron Kelly, from PA, and heard him audition on American Idol, I was hooked! He showed America how someone can go through such tough times and rise above it all. He was being faced to live in foster care, and his Aunt, who is in the audience with him every week, would not have that, so she adopted him , and he became her son. What a great person to do something like this, and look at the amazing young man he has become!! He started singing when he was nine years old in talent shows, and at local fairs and just blossomed from there.
When I hear Aaron sing he puts me in another world. I love listening to his vocals. He is one darn talented kid. He kind of sounds a bit like Lone Star to me. To have a voice like he does at his sweet young age of 17, this kid has a very bright future in front of him, and I will be a part of it where ever he ends up. I also love Lee DeWyze too. That man can sing and I wouldn't really mind if either one of these two won, but after what Aaron has rose above, it would great to see him win this competition. I found this picture of Aaron when he was younger and I just had to post it. Imagine what he sounded like when he was nine years old?? I bet he was amazing! Each and every week my votes go for Lee & Aaron. I absolutely can see Aaron in the final three, and hopefully in the finale! American Idol airs on Fox on Tuesday & Wednesday night. Please watch Aaron, and vote for him on Tuesday night! I know we can make this happen. Let's make this kid that just showed up to audition for American Idol and never had any idea he would go this far , win this!! He has what it takes to win !! Let's keep him in the competition. Aaron Kelly is in this to win this!! I just know it!! You have made me so proud of you Aaron. Keep up the great singing on American Idol and go for the gold!! God Bless you and your family, Kelly


Night Owl Mama said...

Ummm I think he went home last time. That's sad. I really like Crystal or Lee...Lee is starting to grow on me more and more I hope he wins

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